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Residential and Commercial

Raise your expectations for the remodeling experience!  Blue poppy Design will meet you there.  Our process begins with you.  Your needs, you hopes, your vision.  We tour your existing space to gain a clear sense for its enduring strengths and exciting possibilities.  We learn about how you work, relax, and live in your space.  We pepper you with questions about all the details that make the difference- storage needs, traffic, family rhythms, lighting, entertaining, you name it.

It just gets better from here.  We draft technical drawings for construction, tweaking and revising to perfection.  We meet with your architects and contractors, taking all the negotiating and logistics off your shoulders.  We shop!  With you, or simply with your go-ahead, we source the materials, furniture, fixtures, accessories, and more each element contributing to the vision.  And our deep involvement in the trade can often earn you some serious discounts!

During construction, we visit the site, inspect the work and consult with contractors to ensure quality, timeliness and an adherence to the budget.

Throughout, we are continuously available to meet with you.  And, when the dust has cleared, we celebrate. With you, For you. That’s the Blue Poppy way.

Room Restyle:

Small Change, Big Difference

Small changes can produce big effects!  No need for a remodel?  No, problem!  Blue Poppy thrills to the challenge of a change that can transform your space.  Let’s see the magic we can create with a new paint color, or furniture layout,  or better lighting.  Let’s redirect the flow of how you live in your space.  Let’s find art- maybe even shopping from what’s already in your home!  The seeds are there.  Blue Poppy will help them bloom.

Occupied Home Staging:

The time has come to move on, to bestow the blessings of your space upon another family.  What can we do to make those blessings as apparent as possible?  Home staging is the art of furnishing and arranging a home for presentation-and it’s an art at which Blue Poppy excels.  Prospective buyers each bring fresh eyes to their tour of your home.  You need fresh eyes to prepare your home to be seen as they will see it, so they can fully appreciate it.  We will provide critical evaluation, provide comprehensive staging recommendations, source accessories needed and-especially useful for you-prepare an itemized list of every measure you’ll need to maximize your home’s appeal to prospective buyers, both inside and out.